Prom Gossip

Prom Dress Panic!

At this time of year we often get called from Girls & Mums in complete panic because something has gone wrong with their Prom dress .

Either the shop has not been able to get the style they booked. The website they ordered from sent a very different dress. The bold girls who chanced that foreign website -receive a glued together, nasty, very vague copy of the gown they ordered.

Keep Calm & Prom Shop On….

Don’t Panic, we can still help.

We carry hundreds of beautiful styles in all sorts of sizes and colours. We can get it to you next day if need be.

No need for melt downs, panic or tantrums just give us a call on 0800 0433 747.

We look forward to offering our calm expertise to help make your prom dreams come true!


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Prom Style

Its all about getting the Perfect Dress!

It has to be right for your event, it has to suit your body type, complexion & be age appropriate.

You have to love it enough to say Yes To The Dress!

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Hello Prom!

Welcome to Prom Perfect.

The Home of Frocks That Rock!

We are updating our websites right now, but please check back with us in a few days and we should be ready in style…

If you would like to contact us please call free on 0800 0433 747

Thanks X

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